We are proud to introduce our chef, Karan Negi. He will use his unique culinary skills to take you on a journey throughout India without ever having to leave Panama City.
Karan Negi was born and raised in Mumbai, India. He earned his culinary degree from the prestigious ITC Maratha in Mumbai. After ITC, Karan Negi moved on the luxurious Grand Hyatt Mumbai, where he worked for 2 years before earning the opportunity to work and travel abroad. His overseas work includes Bahamas, Mexico, and Grand Cayman Islands; just to name a few.

Karan Negi has worked in a variety of positions in the field of hospitality. He’s been a banquet chef, has worked as curry chef, tandoor chef, garden manager, and has over 1.5 years of experience in continental Indian restaurants.
Now he’s working at Holi Indian Grill, ready and excited to share his passion as well as his knowledge of Indian cuisine with our patrons.